Fini le ski ? Bientôt le jet ski

Do not ski any more ? Soon the jet-skimarc aerophoto jet ski 4996© photo marc bourbon droits réservés – copyright marc bourbon all rights reserved.

Aujourd’hui il a fait une très belle et chaude journée de quoi penser aux sports nautiques.

Today was a very beautiful and warm day, it’s time to think to the water sports.

14 réflexions au sujet de « Fini le ski ? Bientôt le jet ski »

  1. I LOATHE jet-skis. They are loud, they are operated by yobs, they preclude others from using the water space. Generally, they make beaches hell. Apart from that, I’m sure they’re fine. Not.

    1. It is true all that you said, I agree with you, it was just for putting a photo but I do not like either the jet-ski, I prefer surf that I practise a little and the spirit of the surfers

      1. Oh, good !! – I am happy we feel the same about them, Marc ! And in truth it is a good shot …

      2. But you managed … It’s very true: we all take for granted everything you post for us, without stopping to think how difficult it must be from a moving aircraft …
        And, of course, when what you want to shoot is ALSO moving – why, then it is VERY difficult.
        Mes compliments, Marc ! 🙂

      3. The trouble is, we never see the faintest sign of movement, so we forget about the camera platform ! See ? – it’s your own fault. If you weren’t such a bloody good photog., we’d remember. :mrgreen:

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