Accoster sur le banc d’Arguin, trop facile !

Tie up on the bench of Arguin in Arcachon, too easy!marcaerophoto arguin 1401© photo marc bourbon droits réservés – copyright marc bourbon all rights reserved.

Le banc d’Arguin à l’entrée du Bassin d’Arcachon est suffisamment grand pour accoster et passer la journée en week end, alors laissez vous tenter lors de votre prochain séjour sur le bassin, mais avant tout il faudra d’abord trouver un bateau!

The bench of Arguin in the entrance of the Bassin d’ Arcachon is enough big to tie up and spend the day in weekend, then let tempt you during your next stay on the bassin d’Arcachon, but before, it will be necessary to find at first a boat!

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    1. pourquoi parce que l’été le banc d’Arguant est truffé de bateaux en tout genre, du plus petit bateau pneumatique au grand trimaran donc je suppose que c’est facile d’y accoster

      1. Hi Marc, yes sorry I have been busy at college. I have been using the camera lot I’m borrowing an Ultrasonic II EF 28-80mm off a friend but will get myself another lens too. My 50mm is not very versatile 😀

      2. Yeah man this is exactly the problem. It’s very nice for certain shots but not useful in most situations. I have a new lens coming this week and I will post about it 😀

      3. A zoom it is very practical but it is less good at quality than focal fixed one and when you will have found your style of photo you will see that you will come normally in focal fixed one which will be adopted in your style of photo

      4. Thanks Marc, yes I really like photos to be of high quality so I think I will need some fixed lenses maybe 2 or 3 to go with my 50mm.

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